It’s important to take all hiring seriously, but when it comes to tech, things can get tricky if you’re not experienced at finding and attracting the right employees. Here are 10 strategies to try to make the process more efficient and effective.

  1. Look on campus. Yes, you’re likely to find more entry-level candidates with this approach, but the pool will be filled with not just qualified students, but motivated ones as well.
  1. Sell the future. Does the job look like it also includes a path for growth? You don’t want to lose a great resource a couple years in because they feel stagnated.
  1. Be purposeful. Show your team that what they do matters. You’ll keep people employed longer if they feel they are working on something bigger than themselves.
  1. Remote option. Working remotely isn’t for everyone, but it is for a lot of people. So don’t require in-office attendance if management necessary to get the job done.
  1. Distributed workforce. Since remote is on the table, consider widening your pool of opportunities. Think beyond your geographical region. And some U.S. businesses are even expanding internationally.
  1. Hire fast. Qualified talent can become hot property quickly. Don’t delay you’re hiring process, or you might lose that perfect find to a more ambitious competitor.
  1. Meet the team. Have your candidates meet other members of the staff. It’s a great way to get buy-in across your company on the new team member. Just be sure to give a primer on the do’s and don’t’s of interviewing prior.
  1. Align messaging. And if you’re to do #7, make sure that your team is also talking about your organization in the same way, with the words and phrases. A new recruit might be confused and get cold feet if it doesn’t seem like your folks see things the same way.
  1. Look everywhere. Sure, job boards are the obvious place to find talent, but other sites like LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and GitHub can give you access to some of the most talented techies on the planet. Be creative.
  1. Referral programs. With a little cash incentive, sometimes your very own employees can be a source for new hires. Make sure everyone has their ears to the ground when you need to fill a job vacancy.