10 Useful Tips on Moving Your Small Business Office

A good plan is an ingredient for a successful office move. Here is a step by step plan on moving your office.

Make an announcement ahead of time

To avoid inconvenience for your customers and risk the potential of losing them, it is best to announce your move ahead of time so that your customers can also prepare for your relocation. Make the announcement with the change of your office address and telephone number. Aside from posting on your office’s entrance, make the announcement through your business’ social media profiles, your business website, and by sending a mass email.

Assign someone to be in charge of moving

It is best to assign someone to do the task of managing the office move. Someone who can concentrate on planning and making sure everything goes smoothly and nothing is left behind. This will make the move more successful.

Create a schedule

There are lots of things that need to get done when moving a small business office. Every task must be assigned to each employee including the schedule. It helps prevent unnecessary rush and mess when it is time to move.

Notify services

It is important to notify services including electric, water, telephone, and other services prior to the move. This will allow your service provider to prepare and help you maintain your service. To make everything and everyone prepared, you must make the notification ahead to prevent disruptions of services.

Make a record of packing

To make the move organized, record everything that will be packed. Label each box with numbers and make a record of the box numbers and their contents. It will allow you and the movers to identify the priorities and the fragile to prevent damages and helps on unpacking. Recording the packages will also prevent loss of items.

Prepare your equipment

Computers are some of the most fragile and important equipment in your office. Because they contain important information of your business, take a backup before you move. Alerting your iT provider during a move is important. iT services can do the backup and have experience packing and handling delicate equipment.

Pack your personal stuff

Unless you have a budget to pay the mover for their hourly job, you might want to consider packing your personal stuff on your own. Moving services usually charge per hour, and giving them the task would add more hours on their service, and on your bill.

Plan the unpacking

While planning for the packing is important, it is also important to make an unpacking schedule to make the moving organized and successful.

Clean the refrigerator

You don’t want to move a fridge with left-over foods inside it, get a fresh start by requiring all employees to clean out their own food (like the coffee creamer labeled Dan).


Moving your office means a lot of opportunities. Aside from upgrading equipment, it is also an opportunity for new customers and clients in a new location. Make an announcement about the new location as if your business is newly launched. Take advantage of this newsworthy event. The locals might be hungry for your products or services.

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