10 Ways To Use Skype Professionally

In the age of the internet and remote workers, Skype has been one of the chosen mediums for professional communication.

While there are many paid for communication tools, Skype is a low-cost (most cases free) reliable way to do business. You can call, video chat, text all from your computer or your mobile phone.

Here are 10 ways to use Skype for your business.

1. Skype is a great tool if you work from a home office. You can communicate or keep in touch with co-workers in other offices. Integrate a webcam; seeing each other’s faces makes the conversation more personal and adds a warmer and deeper relationship.

2. Skype has a feature that allows you to call telephone numbers. Using a single tool for communication and a single click to dial a number saves you time and money.

3. Skype allows you to record your conversation. This enables you to review your conversations for recalling (reminding) or learning purposes.

4. You can give customer support or instructions through Skype. You can reuse your instructions by recording your conversation and convert them into text via Dragon Software and post it onto your website for FAQs.

5. Skype with webcam is best for your technical or customer support business. Seeing the face behind the voice that instructs your customers will add a more personal touch in your service.

6. Skype provides conference video call. It allows users to have a group video conversation. Bringing the entire team together from different locations at the same time creates unity and saves time.

7. You can organize a remote presentation for your colleagues or associates with the use of webcam and other visual tools such as flip charts, ad hoc diagrams, etc.

8. Having Skype in every computer provides instant communication including remote staff. It helps everybody updated and creates high productivity.

9. Skype with webcams are best for integrating staff in two offices. If you have more than one business and want to work them together, Skype is the most convenient tool available.

10. Skype allows you to send files. This lets you do multiple tasks in a single tool. You can send files while having a conversation in one window instead of opening another window for email for sending files.

With Skype, you have almost everything you need for communication, right in your computer. If you have questions or want to set up Skype for your work environment, intelligent iT can get you started through our helpdesk or in person.

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