Apple is always improving their devices and software. Sometimes for security and some for ease of use. And next month is no exception. They will be releasing the latest upgrade for iPhone and there are a few new updates worth taking a good look at. They will make downloading this version a definite thing to do when it’s available.

For those that find expressions best done with little yellow icons instead of words, your vocabulary just got expanded. The new iteration will include over 30 new, fresh emojis. Some ones to look forward to including a sparkly disco ball, a melting face, a hand saluting with a face, a crutch to help represent those that are disabled, and hands shaped in a heart.

Something that could never have been anticipated when Face ID was first created was the need to identify a face that was half-covered up. But leave it to the folks in Cupertino, California to find a solution. Moving forward, facial recognition on the iPhone will be able to recognize you with your pandemic face covering on. The new algorithm identifies fine details around just your eyes to make a match. Pretty impressive advancement that symbolizes a sign of the times.

What looked like a great way to track your wallet, purse and keys, AirTags quickly turned in to PR fiasco when people with ill-intent used the chips to track other humans. Quick to act, the new 15.4 upgrades addresses this issue by adding terse language upon set up that reminds the user that stalking is a punishable crime. There is also a way for you to detect if an AirTag that isn’t yours is in your vicinity so that you can check things out.

Another big add to the OS relates to Siri. A new audio option is available. It is a non-gender-specific voice option. It was recorded by a voice-over expert from the LBGTQ+ community. It is only in English for now, but it does complement Apple’s other efforts to make sure they are addressing diversity and inclusion in all they do.

Other improvements are going to be available as well, like a better way to manage your online health records, new features for Apple Card, and Universal Control tweaks for the better. This is an upgrade that gives upgrades a good name.