Basic IT Planning Before Moving To Your New Office

Information Technology is an integral part of every business office. Because the Internet provides instant communication and information for small businesses, if you’re planning on moving your office, it is important to get iT sorted as your IT network is as important as electricity and water service.


While electricity is ubiquitous, you still have to determine if the power in your new location works properly. Faulty wiring, electricity and weak and unstable power can harm equipments so its not enough to just have electricity. In today’s business world, the dependence on computers and its supporting tools have increased and proper installations of cables and electrical outlets are necessary.
It is important that the new office has enough electrical outlets installed to minimize cable extensions. If you can’t avoid needing cables, make sure that they are properly installed. Loose cables can cause accidents.

Office Space

It is important to plan for a bigger office for relocation. Every small business has a plan for growth and expansion, and acquiring a wider office is an excellent start on planning for the future.

Systems and networks

Before your employees move into the new location, make sure that the networking system is ready to use. Setting up the network on working days will delay your business’ operation.

Setting up a network at the new location is like starting over again. In fact, if you moved to a larger office, you may want to enhance your network capability to accommodate a larger space and more computers and devices.

Don’t let this scare you off when making your decision. Luckily we are iT experts that can create a long-term plan to make your office’s transition seamless. When you are ready to move or if you want to consult about a potential move, Intelligent iT NYC can help you move and set-up your iT network in your new office.

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