What is 4G and its impact in small businesses?

4G just sounds great right? But what is it and why is it important? Last time, we mentioned 4G as the latest feature included in the iPhone 5. So what’s in 4G that Apple chooses it as a new feature in their newly release gadget and how can small businesses take advantage of it?

4G, or 4th Generation, is an improved wireless internet connection of its former versions such as the 3G and 2G for mobile devices. 4G commonly uses technologies such as the WiMax and the Long-Term Evolution or LTE. Because of these technologies, 4G promises to be faster and more reliable. It is reportedly 10 times faster than 3G.

Every small business today uses technology by integrating mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones into computers to increase productivity. This integration requires fast and reliable connection to be able to work continuously without interruptions and delays.

The 4G’s LTE is ideal for workers or business owners who like to have their job ‘to go’ or do it outside the office and away from the office computers. They can be able to send and receive data fast and instant without the need to depend on outside internet connections such as Wi-Fi.

4G is also best for small businesses in rural areas where internet connections are usually slower such as fixed-line broadband connections. Even if LTE connection tends to get slower in these areas, it still operates faster than local internet providers.

So if you are thinking about traveling or are just looking forward to lightening fast speed, 4G is an upgrade you should consider.



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Are we buying the new iPhone 5?

Every time Apple makes an announcement, the whole world listens. And every time they release a product, it becomes a trend. The release of iPhone 5 is the current headline today and everybody is curious and excited, about what new thing Apple has to offer.

The iPhone 5, released last September 12th, offers new features and improvements from its predecessors.

What average users can enjoy

With every phone as of late saying bigger is better, the iPhone 5 knew it had to follow suit. With its larger screen, users can enjoy watching videos and viewing pictures. Compared to the previous models, iPhone 5 features a 4-inch display adds another row of icons on the home screen. The display however has the same width as other iPhone models.


The iPhone 5 is also noticeably thinner, with 7.6mm and a weight of 112g. Although it is bigger in size compared to the previous models, it is thinner and lighter. Other noticeable features are its colors. It comes in two-tone colors of white and silver, and black and slate. The iPhone 5 is encased with glass and aluminum, which gives a more comfortable feel and a high-tech appearance.

What techies will enjoy


The iPhone 5 features a new Apple A6. It is much faster (twice the speed) and has more graphics power. Although the A6 is twice as powerful, it consumes less power and smaller in size.

New iOS

Aside from the new A6, iPhone 5’s newest feature is its iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s mobile OS. It contains Apple’s new e-tickets app, Passbook, FaceTime, and other Apple’s exclusive mobile apps.

4G connectivity

The iPhone 5 is the only iPhone that is 4G.

Other new features of the iPhone 5 are its smaller camera while maintaining its 8 megapixel sensor. It also features new headphones, which are called EarPods. Apple says that the Earpods are built to be more durable and fit better into ears.

So would we buy it?

We think the iPhone 5 seems to be a great device and with Apple’s seduction of the enterprise crowd any iPhone is a great product. The new features and improvements; the larger screen, thickness, speed, the new iOS, and longer battery life, may not be enough to run out and outfit the whole staff with new phones but it is worth an upgrade when older phones are due. Remember, when purchasing, if you have any accessories, they will need to be replaced as well (or you will need the adapter which was just announced will not come with the phone). While Apple may not have introduced something totally different or mind-boggling innovation, an upgrade can still take advantage of its speed and longer battery life for professional use.

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Why we like Linkedin

LinkedIn is the best social networking site for professionals and small businesses. Unlike Facebook, it is the place to display your profile professionally including your educational background, work history, portfolios, awards, and professional connections. It is also the best place to promote yourself and your small business.
Before I reveal my tips on how to take advantage of LinkedIn, I would like to enumerate first why I personally like LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn status updates are full of information.

People present themselves professionally, which (usually) means:

  • There are no nonsense status or word wars
  • There are no revealing pictures.
  • There are less malicious apps, if any.

So let’s get down to the tips. First of all, you have to create a profile. Make sure to fill the information such as the skills, work history, educational background, etc., because your LinkedIn profile will serve as your primary resume. Your profile will be viewed when you applied on jobs through LinkedIn, or by headhunters searching for prospects. You might miss a great opportunity if you don’t polish your LinkedIn profile.

On creating your profile, try not to use excessively used words such as ‘innovative’, ‘dynamic’, ‘team-player’, ‘motivated’, fast-paced’, etc. This will make you appear less creative and less capable of expressing your skills through your own words.
Aside from polishing your profile, LinkedIn offers useful apps to feature your skills and portfolios.

SlideShare Presentations
This app allows you to upload several files including resume, images, PDFs, documents, videos, to showcase your portfolios in your profile. This will be visible on your network.

This is one of my favorite. This application automatically displays the current posts from your WordPress blog. This is a great way to promote your blog without effort.

My Travel
This app is professional version of Foursquare. This app will broadcast your location to your network. This will inform you if you are in the same city with someone in your network and gives you the opportunity to meet them.

This application informs you the events attending by the people in your network. This will give you updates and idea if ever you want to attend the same events related to your field.


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Increase Your Wireless Range by These Simple DIY Steps

It is ideal for businesses and small businesses to have a wireless internet connection. But if you have a larger working space, you may have a problem with the range of your wireless connection if you only have single router. Do you know that you can easily extend the
range of your wireless router on your own? You just need a couple of adjustments to expand your wireless range.
In order to do this, we have to set up two wireless routers for access points. We need to use the same SSID on wireless routers, set up wireless security, and set up routers to avoid channel and DHCP conflicts.

Things we need: Network connection, a device to physically connect to the routers temporarily to enable set-up, and of course, wireless routers. It is ideal to use same the models for the routers for easy set-up.
Now that you know the materials and have the idea, here is how to put it into action.

  1. First, configure SSID of both routers to attain the same SSID. If routers have different SSIDs, it will cause the device to search for new network if the device is moved to different location of coverage.
  2. After you setup the SSID, you also have to enable the same security for both routers. Different security passwords will also cause lost of connection when a device is moved to another location.
  3. Set up an IP address to prevent a DHCP conflict for both routers. You can do this by designating a static IP address to each router. For example, if we have 192.168.100 for address, let’s suppose that is assigned to the gateway, we will then use to the primary router and to the secondary router. This will make them automatically default to when turned on, and work as one.

After you set up the IP address, you will now set up the DHCP. Turn off the DHCP on the second router because there should only be one router sending out DHCP to prevent conflicts. On the primary router, turn on and configure the DHCP to send out address at the address. You must prevent it by using the .3 because this address is already assigned to the secondary router.

Next step is to set up the channels of both routers. Channels 6 and 11 are ideal to prevent channel problems.

  1. The last step is to place the routers in proper locations that they will cover the entire location or building. Connect each router on your office’s network. Check the routers if they are working properly by connecting a mobile device to one router. While you’re connected, move to another router. It should keep you connected.

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Four Basic Steps to Obtain Network Security

Every small business’ computer network is vulnerable to any threat of viruses and malwares. It can cause destruction, theft and loss of data, and even malfunctioning of your company’s website. Not only do security software updates anticipate such threats, iT services also update their approach and do regular maintenance to ensure your network security.

There are lots of possible causes of network security threats but the main culprit is the unauthorized access of network, either through firewall, external gateway or SSL VPN appliance, or through a web server. This can also caused by unauthorized access on wireless networks and infected devices that connect directly to the LAN.

In order to protect your business from network security threats, here are some of the security measurements that iT experts (like us) can provide.

Network Security

To maximize your network security, iT services creates firewall rules. They can also create strict Wi-Fi security by limiting access to a particular MAC address.


Unwanted or unauthorized devices can also pose a great threat to your network. You can minimize this threat by scanning removable and new devices or data transfers. To protect your company, there is antivirus software available that are free or paid for extra features which we will not only set up to maximize efficiency but will keep updated to fight unwanted threats.

Outside Scanning

Included in iT services’ network security is the scanning of external IP address. This eliminates the threat of malicious links or websites that can harm your network.


Using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security) will add security to your password-control website. It prevents unwanted packet sniffing or picking up sensitive information from your website or users by an internet provider. It is best for Wi-Fi internet connections.

We all want and need network security and many times can’t do it all on our own. Intelligent iT is always available to perform the above tasks and further advanced security measures.

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10 Ways To Use Skype Professionally

In the age of the internet and remote workers, Skype has been one of the chosen mediums for professional communication.

While there are many paid for communication tools, Skype is a low-cost (most cases free) reliable way to do business. You can call, video chat, text all from your computer or your mobile phone.

Here are 10 ways to use Skype for your business.

1. Skype is a great tool if you work from a home office. You can communicate or keep in touch with co-workers in other offices. Integrate a webcam; seeing each other’s faces makes the conversation more personal and adds a warmer and deeper relationship.

2. Skype has a feature that allows you to call telephone numbers. Using a single tool for communication and a single click to dial a number saves you time and money.

3. Skype allows you to record your conversation. This enables you to review your conversations for recalling (reminding) or learning purposes.

4. You can give customer support or instructions through Skype. You can reuse your instructions by recording your conversation and convert them into text via Dragon Software and post it onto your website for FAQs.

5. Skype with webcam is best for your technical or customer support business. Seeing the face behind the voice that instructs your customers will add a more personal touch in your service.

6. Skype provides conference video call. It allows users to have a group video conversation. Bringing the entire team together from different locations at the same time creates unity and saves time.

7. You can organize a remote presentation for your colleagues or associates with the use of webcam and other visual tools such as flip charts, ad hoc diagrams, etc.

8. Having Skype in every computer provides instant communication including remote staff. It helps everybody updated and creates high productivity.

9. Skype with webcams are best for integrating staff in two offices. If you have more than one business and want to work them together, Skype is the most convenient tool available.

10. Skype allows you to send files. This lets you do multiple tasks in a single tool. You can send files while having a conversation in one window instead of opening another window for email for sending files.

With Skype, you have almost everything you need for communication, right in your computer. If you have questions or want to set up Skype for your work environment, intelligent iT can get you started through our helpdesk or in person.

Android vs. iPhone

5 Points to Help You Decide between iPhone and Android

iPhone or Andoid? This is one of the most common questions that you will encounter today. If you think you could easily decide through ‘taste’ alone, think again. You might want to consider these 5 points to make your decision more productive.

1. PC or Mac?

Ten years ago this wasn’t a raging debate, now with all these peripherals this is now an important consideration. If you’re using a Mac computer, you will be more comfortable using an iOS device. And aside from familiarity, you can also easily integrate all your iOS devices.

2. Are you a Google user?

I live and work with Google. All my files, connection, social media, entertainment, including my identity are on Google. Using Android is easy to integrate all data and information to a Google account to an Android phone. Of course, iOS can also do this, but there is more Google supports in Android in comparison to iOS.

3. What your friends are using?

Applications such as Dropbox, Yahoomail, Facebook, and others, can be used on both devices. But they operate differently on each platform and you might encounter a problem with compatibility if your friends are using a different device.

4 Virus, Malware, and spam

If you’re still not familiar with viruses and malware, an iOS device is best for you. iOS protects their users from these threats by filtering their products and downloads. iOS products are exclusively available in App Store. This will limit your freedom and your option, but you can guarantee for a clean download.

Android however, has more options to choose from. They are more open to developers of software that you could use in your Android. But this also makes your mobile phone prone to threats. With Android, you’re on your own. But if you know how to protect your device from such threats, Android could work for you.

5. Professional uses

Remember Blackberry? Well now both devices can be use for professional purpose. But it depends on which will be compatible to your corporate network if you intend it to use to access your company’s resources. You could apply tip number one for this subject.

Ready to make a decision? First consult intelligent iT to determine supported devices for your corporate network (and for us to set you up).

5 Security Improvements in Windows 8

Windows Defender 2.0 – Post-Boot Security

Along with the update of the Windows 8, its Windows Defender also improved. Unlike the old Windows Defender which only protects you from spywares and adware, the updated Windows Defender will also protect you from malware and it now offers real-time protection.

While it may seem to compete with their own partners, Sunil Gottumukkala of Microsoft explained that 95 percent of the systems come with antimalware software. But the AV solution expires within 6 months which makes 25 percent of the systems vulnerable.

To continue business with their partners, Microsoft made the Defender not readily available in the taskbar upon the Windows 8’s installation. It functions as a background service and can only be found through manual search. This way, they do not compete with their partners while still protecting their users.

Early Launch Anti-Malware – Pre Boot Security

Most of us are still not aware that there are viruses that load even before Antivirus software and Windows starts up. This is the job of Windows 8’s Early Launch Anti Malware (ELAM); to start in advance before Windows boot loader becomes active and prevents any malicious code to take over. And to prove their support for their partner’s products, the ELAM driver will simply launch the currently installed and compatible anti-malware software. Chris Hallum said that Microsoft has collaborated with antivirus sellers to develop their own ELAM component.

Measured Boot

Microsoft is introducing a foundation in Windows 8 which is called “Measured Boot”. The whole booting process will be stored and signed in the TPM chip to prevent malware from infecting the system. This information can be validated remotely to determine the client’s security state. Microsoft offers a 1.8 MB whitepaper that explains the entire Measure Boot.

Internet Explorer 10

IE 10 features tabs that are completely isolated from each other. Meaning, one tab doesn’t affect another tab such as interfering or capturing data. Another feature is IE 10’s improved Address Space Layout Randomization or ASLR.

Application Security

This security protects you starting from the Windows Store to running apps.

Windows Store – Every apps in Windows Store has passed Microsoft’s screening to provide users malware-free products.

Installation – All the available apps are verified by Windows Store and by clients including Defender, Smart Screen, etc.

App Container – Microsoft extensively limits their apps’ privileges and access to resources. They provide “Contracts” to access data and other apps. It can be seen in Windows 8’s charms bar.

Need more information? We are here. Ask us questions via our helpdesk or when we stop in to update you (or your system) on Windows 8.