Why Your SMB Must Consider Outsourcing the CTO Function

Robust IT is becoming more difficult to manage in house.

As expansive API network trees and complex cloud infrastructures become the norm even in the SMB market, companies looking to control their digital footprint, identity and data under one roof simply cannot do it fast enough to keep up with competition.

When a company outsources a particular IT function, such as cloud services management, it makes the decision about the function to outsource internally. If a company does not have the expertise to determine if this decision was actually the appropriate one, then it may partner with a perfectly capable company for a misappropriated reason. It is not the fault of the partner, but the company may end up losing money due to wasted resources.

Outsourced CTO services give a company a more practiced eye for IT strategy as well as a team of experts to monitor and maintain an IT system . In the small business world, you are not expected to know the most efficient strategies for maintaining a network. You may use certain cloud services, but you may not be involved enough in the cloud to warrant a specialized partner – the value add of an IT partner may be elsewhere. However, you might sign up for a certain service just because you heard it was the hottest thing to do, and all of your competition seems to be doing it as well. This is an extremely efficient way to lose money and frustrate yourself.

Small Business Computer Support

The majority of companies today are running under some sort of computer infrastructure. Most of those companies are not directly associated with information technology, nor is there anyone within the company with the skills or expertise to even understand where to look for the problem when something goes wrong. If this is the case, it may be best to outsource the entire IT department with a total CTO service package from a company like Intelligent iT.

Do not waste time trying to learn the infrastructure of things that do not directly affect your revenue streams. We are focused on IT.

let us help you devise the strategy as well as giving you the technical boots on the ground to fix the problems!

Intelligent iT is a partner of some of the biggest tech companies in the world because of its ability to strategize as well as maintain and correct systems.

Outsourced CTO Services

CTO services help you determine what it is that you need to fix before you spend money going after the wrong problem . Intelligent iT is ready to help you define your infrastructure. Companies of all scale around the globe continue to trust us, and we have a special expertise in helping your small businesses.

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