Four Basic Steps to Obtain Network Security

Every small business’ computer network is vulnerable to any threat of viruses and malwares. It can cause destruction, theft and loss of data, and even malfunctioning of your company’s website. Not only do security software updates anticipate such threats, iT services also update their approach and do regular maintenance to ensure your network security.

There are lots of possible causes of network security threats but the main culprit is the unauthorized access of network, either through firewall, external gateway or SSL VPN appliance, or through a web server. This can also caused by unauthorized access on wireless networks and infected devices that connect directly to the LAN.

In order to protect your business from network security threats, here are some of the security measurements that iT experts (like us) can provide.

Network Security

To maximize your network security, iT services creates firewall rules. They can also create strict Wi-Fi security by limiting access to a particular MAC address.


Unwanted or unauthorized devices can also pose a great threat to your network. You can minimize this threat by scanning removable and new devices or data transfers. To protect your company, there is antivirus software available that are free or paid for extra features which we will not only set up to maximize efficiency but will keep updated to fight unwanted threats.

Outside Scanning

Included in iT services’ network security is the scanning of external IP address. This eliminates the threat of malicious links or websites that can harm your network.


Using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security) will add security to your password-control website. It prevents unwanted packet sniffing or picking up sensitive information from your website or users by an internet provider. It is best for Wi-Fi internet connections.

We all want and need network security and many times can’t do it all on our own. Intelligent iT is always available to perform the above tasks and further advanced security measures.

Intelligent iT NYC is an iT company that provides iT support and security for businesses in NY City.

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