There is always something a user can miss out on when exploring their new iPhone 13 device. The hidden gems within the iPhone 13 variations are exciting enough. So, to help you manage your device better, check them out below.

Store Information Directly from an Image
It’s not surprising that Apple uses AI to provide the best user experience. Now when you simply click a picture containing text, you can copy the information directly to your clipboard and paste it into notes. Save important notes, documents, or information anytime and quickly.

Live Filter Editing
Forget the hassle of applying filters to your images after taking them. iPhone 13 and its variations have a “photographic style” feature that pops up on your live screen with different filters, allowing you to see in real-time what the result will look like. That’s extremely beneficial for photographers.

Switch Off the HDR Video Mode
iPhone 13 Pro models, by default, record video in HDR or Dolby Vision, taking up lots of space while offering limited compatibility with other devices. Switch it off by visiting your device’s Settings > Camera > Record Video > turn off the HDR Video.

Block Unnecessary Apps From Tracking You
More and more apps have started to track and record users’ data usage and patterns through their apps. If you find it unnecessary and a breach of your privacy, you can simply block such apps and turn the tracking off.

To do this, you need to visit your device’s Settings > Privacy > Tracking. Here, an option saying “Allow Apps to Request to Track” will be present, which you have to turn off.

Limit the Screen’s Frame Rate
The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models have their screens set to the maximum refresh rates (120 Hz). This can drain the battery quickly. So, lowering the frame rate will be good if you want to conserve battery and enhance your device’s battery time.

Simply visit the Settings of your device. Then click on Accessibility and then tap on Motion. The screen will show a “Limit Frame Rate” option. Turn it on, and the frame rate will not cross the 60fps mark.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and security updates!