Increase Your Wireless Range by These Simple DIY Steps

It is ideal for businesses and small businesses to have a wireless internet connection. But if you have a larger working space, you may have a problem with the range of your wireless connection if you only have single router. Do you know that you can easily extend the
range of your wireless router on your own? You just need a couple of adjustments to expand your wireless range.
In order to do this, we have to set up two wireless routers for access points. We need to use the same SSID on wireless routers, set up wireless security, and set up routers to avoid channel and DHCP conflicts.

Things we need: Network connection, a device to physically connect to the routers temporarily to enable set-up, and of course, wireless routers. It is ideal to use same the models for the routers for easy set-up.
Now that you know the materials and have the idea, here is how to put it into action.

  1. First, configure SSID of both routers to attain the same SSID. If routers have different SSIDs, it will cause the device to search for new network if the device is moved to different location of coverage.
  2. After you setup the SSID, you also have to enable the same security for both routers. Different security passwords will also cause lost of connection when a device is moved to another location.
  3. Set up an IP address to prevent a DHCP conflict for both routers. You can do this by designating a static IP address to each router. For example, if we have 192.168.100 for address, let’s suppose that is assigned to the gateway, we will then use to the primary router and to the secondary router. This will make them automatically default to when turned on, and work as one.

After you set up the IP address, you will now set up the DHCP. Turn off the DHCP on the second router because there should only be one router sending out DHCP to prevent conflicts. On the primary router, turn on and configure the DHCP to send out address at the address. You must prevent it by using the .3 because this address is already assigned to the secondary router.

Next step is to set up the channels of both routers. Channels 6 and 11 are ideal to prevent channel problems.

  1. The last step is to place the routers in proper locations that they will cover the entire location or building. Connect each router on your office’s network. Check the routers if they are working properly by connecting a mobile device to one router. While you’re connected, move to another router. It should keep you connected.

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