Russia, Yahoo, Hacking and Your Business: Protecting Your Company in the Wake of Increasing Threats

With local news agencies warning businesses in their area to beef up digital security due to the Russian hacking of Yahoo!, there is more attention than ever on the danger of simply thinking you can do business without an appropriate measure of protection. Hackers today are no longer the unsophisticated individuals in their parents’ basement – today’s malicious digital breaches are perpetrated by massive, interconnected networks of automated computers who ceaselessly attack targets – no human administration is even necessary.

One of the most powerful and resourceful Internet companies in the world, Yahoo!, was targeted and successfully hacked in 2014 by Russian agents tied into domestic black hat hackers. The aftermath is stretching far into 2017. What is the takeaway? Even if you catch the perpetrators, the information that you lose may shatter the reputation of your company for years to come. Yahoo!’s breach completely stopped an acquisition by Verizon, causing massive upheaval in the Yahoo! C-suite and causing investor confidence to dwindle substantially.

Can you afford this level of scrutiny without the deep pockets and connections that Yahoo! has? Most companies smaller than Yahoo! need to prioritize their spending on marketing and R&D, not PR and legal fees. No, it is best to stop a breach before it starts by having the right security in place form the start.

Security compliance measures are in place for a reason. Are you paying attention to the measures that apply to your industry? If not, then you could be in immediate danger of a breach.

If you are looking for protection from an ever growing network of cyberthreats, Intelligent iT is your one stop shop for full scale resistance. Specialists in security audits, compliance and preventive measures, Intelligent iT gives you the fortress that you need to keep your proprietary ideas and information private. Give us a call or an email today – the bad guys are definitely not waiting on you.

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