Planning on Moving your Office?

Sometimes, as a small business you can’t avoid moving your offices, whether its for expansion (a good thing) or cost cutting. But no matter what the reason is, moving your office can be both exciting and a tedious job.

Moving an office should be handled properly, and this includes planning and choosing the right company to assist you.

On the day of moving, packing is an important job. There is a proper procedure when packing your business’ equipment; putting them in a box usually isn’t enough. Make sure to label each box for identification. Identifying the content of the box is essential so that you can make priorities, orders, and properly handle ‘fragile’ equipment. You should also label the boxes with numbers to know the orders and priorities of which ones to be delivered or unloaded first.

Making a list of the boxes will help you keep track of the boxes’ content. Employees should transport their personal stuff. You can also call the company or provider of your office equipment such as printers and fax as they more than likely will provide service for moving and re-installing the equipment as part of their sales package.

It is important that you hire a moving company that has experience in moving a workplace. You are entrusting them with mission critical equipment. One of the challenges of moving your furniture and equipment is to maintain their condition.

After the first considerations are done, the last thing to do is the iT networking system in your office. Now, don’t get us wrong, just because it is the last thing to work on doesn’t mean it is the least important. We just need to establish all furniture in their location first, and then the iT team can start installing your office network. We must assure that the wirings, cables and gadgets work with other furniture.

As much as it is important to hire a reliable mover, it is also important to acquire a reliable and experienced iT service. Local iT services such as Intelligent iT NYC not only provide network installation service, they also improve your network to enhance your office productivity.

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