Simple Tips on Moving Your Office and iT System

Moving a small business office can be tough. Not only do you have to move lots of equipments, you also have to move and re-install your office’s iT network. Taking off and reassembling the network system requires work and expertise. In fact, moving an office could be harder than moving home.

Plan your iT structure ahead

It is advisable to plan your iT structure on your new office months before your moving schedule. It is advisable to start planning 3 months before you move. Some communication providers have long lead times because of the time spent evaluating all the options. You can also inquire about a new release of technology products and services available from your provider to match up and support the working environment in your new office. After all, a new office is a great way to reinvent your office to support more productivity.
While you’re thinking of ideas for a new office design, it is also the time to ponder your office’s equipment and technology. Maybe some of your equipment needs to be replaced/upgraded. You might want to consider new models as they are smaller and save space. Or you might want to inquire about replacing servers with virtual ones.

Internet and Phone Services

Internet and telephone service is one of the aspects that need to be given attention. It is important to assure that these services will be ready to use on the scheduled date of your move.

iT Management Service

Aside from making sure that the iT system will be available on the given date, it is also necessary that they work the same as they did in the former office. An improvement is even better and enhances productivity in the new office to accommodate the larger or different space.

As moving and installing an iT network in a new office is a complex task, it needs the expertise of an iT service company. Whether it is planning, relocating, or evaluating your current iT Local IT services such as Intelligent iT NYC can help you efficiently manage the entire process.

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