Data and structured cabling is the critical infrastructure that puts information at your fingertips. Intelligent iT provides an array of Ethernet Data Cabling services that include installation of new wiring, repairs and maintenance. We can even help solve WIFI blackspots in your business, with as little as a single cable.

Intelligent iT can provide cabling solutions to a wide range of industries. Our clientele includes small offices, financial institutions, schools and higher education, healthcare, utilities, law offices and much more. Beyond these industries, we can carry out any small, medium or large commercial installation you need.

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Structured Cabling & Wiring Solutions

Our data cabling installers have designed and installed numerous office data cabling projects, both small and large, and have built scalable solutions for over 20 years.

Network Wiring

Intelligent iT gets your network wired throughout your office. We provide wiring solutions for office buildings, data centers, call centers, small offices, warehouses and more.

Electrical Installations

The cabling professionals here at Intelligent iT make sure all wires, cords and cables are up to code and functioning properly so your business doesn’t become a fire hazard.


Intelligent iT offers stress-free office moving, networking, cabling, internet and phone system provisioning services for businesses in the NYC area.

Are you stressed out over the thought of relocating your business? We understand that there is a lot to consider — like your computers, your network, and the relocation and rewiring of all of your expensive IT hardware. This is where our Office Network & IT Relocations services can help.

With over 10 years of industry experience, we’ve seen and done it all. Our technicians go over all the details regarding your office IT relocation and handle your hardware with care. Once the move is complete, we’ll set everything up properly so you can get to work without any disruptions.

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A data cabling system is a vital network of cables for most businesses, and these cables provide the infrastructure that supports truly vital elements of your business, such as:

  • Phone systems
  • Building-wide internet
  • WiFi equipment
  • Room booking systems
  • LED lighting systems
  • Security & CCTV cameras

Because data cable installation offers so much in the way of value for your business, making sure you get the right layout and setup, along with the right team to do the job quickly and efficiently, all matters.

With all of this in mind, it is best to ensure that the data cabling your business needs is done by a professional team with plenty of experience. Because we believe in building the possible systems for our clients, we provide complete solutions, including all necessary data wiring and installations.

Find out how our team of expert structured cabling technicians can help get your business connected.

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Solutions & Services

Our focus is on your satisfaction and network cabling security. Our experienced cabling team provides affordable, state-of-the-art systems that are guaranteed to keep you connected!