The new iMac… should you purchase?

Years ago, very few people used Apple products. Today, Apple has become a standard not only in gadget technology, but also with computing devices. Their products have been the carrier of innovation and also beauty.

The new iMac is the newest product released by Apple. It features a 21- and 27-inch model. It is thinner and lighter when compared to its predecessor. It is only measures 5 mm thin. Made possible by getting rid of the optical drive, it is thin around the edge but humped on the center where it contains the GPU, RAM, and the processor.

The overall appearance is almost the same: an aluminum casing. But with the new iMac, you cannot ignore the thinnest and simplicity. And it’s not all there is. Aside from its eye-catching design, it is also fast and powerful with Intel’s “Ivy Bridge” Core CPU.

The iMac comes with your choice of either a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. They have similar functions but the Magic Mouse is smaller for the grasp of the hand and works like a traditional mouse. The Magic Trackpad works like a touchpad on a laptop while the Magic Mouse offers multi-touch surface which allows you two-finger scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, and other gestures used in OS X.

Other factors that make the iMac interesting is its display and sound. The display offers crisper images and colors and it has less glare or reflection when compared to the last model. The iMac’s audio has a rich, quality wide sound that is perfect for gaming and music.

Interested in upgrading? We will be. If you have questions or need intelligent iT to help you with the setup of your new iMac, don’t hesitate to give us a call.