Are we buying the new iPhone 5?

Every time Apple makes an announcement, the whole world listens. And every time they release a product, it becomes a trend. The release of iPhone 5 is the current headline today and everybody is curious and excited, about what new thing Apple has to offer.

The iPhone 5, released last September 12th, offers new features and improvements from its predecessors.

What average users can enjoy

With every phone as of late saying bigger is better, the iPhone 5 knew it had to follow suit. With its larger screen, users can enjoy watching videos and viewing pictures. Compared to the previous models, iPhone 5 features a 4-inch display adds another row of icons on the home screen. The display however has the same width as other iPhone models.


The iPhone 5 is also noticeably thinner, with 7.6mm and a weight of 112g. Although it is bigger in size compared to the previous models, it is thinner and lighter. Other noticeable features are its colors. It comes in two-tone colors of white and silver, and black and slate. The iPhone 5 is encased with glass and aluminum, which gives a more comfortable feel and a high-tech appearance.

What techies will enjoy


The iPhone 5 features a new Apple A6. It is much faster (twice the speed) and has more graphics power. Although the A6 is twice as powerful, it consumes less power and smaller in size.

New iOS

Aside from the new A6, iPhone 5’s newest feature is its iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s mobile OS. It contains Apple’s new e-tickets app, Passbook, FaceTime, and other Apple’s exclusive mobile apps.

4G connectivity

The iPhone 5 is the only iPhone that is 4G.

Other new features of the iPhone 5 are its smaller camera while maintaining its 8 megapixel sensor. It also features new headphones, which are called EarPods. Apple says that the Earpods are built to be more durable and fit better into ears.

So would we buy it?

We think the iPhone 5 seems to be a great device and with Apple’s seduction of the enterprise crowd any iPhone is a great product. The new features and improvements; the larger screen, thickness, speed, the new iOS, and longer battery life, may not be enough to run out and outfit the whole staff with new phones but it is worth an upgrade when older phones are due. Remember, when purchasing, if you have any accessories, they will need to be replaced as well (or you will need the adapter which was just announced will not come with the phone). While Apple may not have introduced something totally different or mind-boggling innovation, an upgrade can still take advantage of its speed and longer battery life for professional use.

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Android vs. iPhone

5 Points to Help You Decide between iPhone and Android

iPhone or Andoid? This is one of the most common questions that you will encounter today. If you think you could easily decide through ‘taste’ alone, think again. You might want to consider these 5 points to make your decision more productive.

1. PC or Mac?

Ten years ago this wasn’t a raging debate, now with all these peripherals this is now an important consideration. If you’re using a Mac computer, you will be more comfortable using an iOS device. And aside from familiarity, you can also easily integrate all your iOS devices.

2. Are you a Google user?

I live and work with Google. All my files, connection, social media, entertainment, including my identity are on Google. Using Android is easy to integrate all data and information to a Google account to an Android phone. Of course, iOS can also do this, but there is more Google supports in Android in comparison to iOS.

3. What your friends are using?

Applications such as Dropbox, Yahoomail, Facebook, and others, can be used on both devices. But they operate differently on each platform and you might encounter a problem with compatibility if your friends are using a different device.

4 Virus, Malware, and spam

If you’re still not familiar with viruses and malware, an iOS device is best for you. iOS protects their users from these threats by filtering their products and downloads. iOS products are exclusively available in App Store. This will limit your freedom and your option, but you can guarantee for a clean download.

Android however, has more options to choose from. They are more open to developers of software that you could use in your Android. But this also makes your mobile phone prone to threats. With Android, you’re on your own. But if you know how to protect your device from such threats, Android could work for you.

5. Professional uses

Remember Blackberry? Well now both devices can be use for professional purpose. But it depends on which will be compatible to your corporate network if you intend it to use to access your company’s resources. You could apply tip number one for this subject.

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