Why we like Linkedin

LinkedIn is the best social networking site for professionals and small businesses. Unlike Facebook, it is the place to display your profile professionally including your educational background, work history, portfolios, awards, and professional connections. It is also the best place to promote yourself and your small business.
Before I reveal my tips on how to take advantage of LinkedIn, I would like to enumerate first why I personally like LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn status updates are full of information.

People present themselves professionally, which (usually) means:

  • There are no nonsense status or word wars
  • There are no revealing pictures.
  • There are less malicious apps, if any.

So let’s get down to the tips. First of all, you have to create a profile. Make sure to fill the information such as the skills, work history, educational background, etc., because your LinkedIn profile will serve as your primary resume. Your profile will be viewed when you applied on jobs through LinkedIn, or by headhunters searching for prospects. You might miss a great opportunity if you don’t polish your LinkedIn profile.

On creating your profile, try not to use excessively used words such as ‘innovative’, ‘dynamic’, ‘team-player’, ‘motivated’, fast-paced’, etc. This will make you appear less creative and less capable of expressing your skills through your own words.
Aside from polishing your profile, LinkedIn offers useful apps to feature your skills and portfolios.

SlideShare Presentations
This app allows you to upload several files including resume, images, PDFs, documents, videos, to showcase your portfolios in your profile. This will be visible on your network.

This is one of my favorite. This application automatically displays the current posts from your WordPress blog. This is a great way to promote your blog without effort.

My Travel
This app is professional version of Foursquare. This app will broadcast your location to your network. This will inform you if you are in the same city with someone in your network and gives you the opportunity to meet them.

This application informs you the events attending by the people in your network. This will give you updates and idea if ever you want to attend the same events related to your field.


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