10 Useful Tips on Moving Your Small Business Office

A good plan is an ingredient for a successful office move. Here is a step by step plan on moving your office.

Make an announcement ahead of time

To avoid inconvenience for your customers and risk the potential of losing them, it is best to announce your move ahead of time so that your customers can also prepare for your relocation. Make the announcement with the change of your office address and telephone number. Aside from posting on your office’s entrance, make the announcement through your business’ social media profiles, your business website, and by sending a mass email.

Assign someone to be in charge of moving

It is best to assign someone to do the task of managing the office move. Someone who can concentrate on planning and making sure everything goes smoothly and nothing is left behind. This will make the move more successful.

Create a schedule

There are lots of things that need to get done when moving a small business office. Every task must be assigned to each employee including the schedule. It helps prevent unnecessary rush and mess when it is time to move.

Notify services

It is important to notify services including electric, water, telephone, and other services prior to the move. This will allow your service provider to prepare and help you maintain your service. To make everything and everyone prepared, you must make the notification ahead to prevent disruptions of services.

Make a record of packing

To make the move organized, record everything that will be packed. Label each box with numbers and make a record of the box numbers and their contents. It will allow you and the movers to identify the priorities and the fragile to prevent damages and helps on unpacking. Recording the packages will also prevent loss of items.

Prepare your equipment

Computers are some of the most fragile and important equipment in your office. Because they contain important information of your business, take a backup before you move. Alerting your iT provider during a move is important. iT services can do the backup and have experience packing and handling delicate equipment.

Pack your personal stuff

Unless you have a budget to pay the mover for their hourly job, you might want to consider packing your personal stuff on your own. Moving services usually charge per hour, and giving them the task would add more hours on their service, and on your bill.

Plan the unpacking

While planning for the packing is important, it is also important to make an unpacking schedule to make the moving organized and successful.

Clean the refrigerator

You don’t want to move a fridge with left-over foods inside it, get a fresh start by requiring all employees to clean out their own food (like the coffee creamer labeled Dan).


Moving your office means a lot of opportunities. Aside from upgrading equipment, it is also an opportunity for new customers and clients in a new location. Make an announcement about the new location as if your business is newly launched. Take advantage of this newsworthy event. The locals might be hungry for your products or services.

Keys To A Successful Office Move

Moving an office is an enormous job. It is important that you know the tasks that has be done, and know the right services to acquire to make the job a lot easier and more successful.

First of all, there must be a plan. The moment when you think about moving your office, you start to plan. An excellent planning creates a successful move. Even though there are unanticipated events, planning makes us prepared for those things. There has to be a plan B and C. Planning makes a good execution.

The next step is to look for a place. Although you can do the searching, the talking, and the negotiations, hiring a broker is still advisable. It is great if you know someone. If you know the broker, it makes him or her more reliable. But if you’re hiring someone you don’t know, make sure that they will assist you. Hiring a broker will help you bargain with the price and conditions. They can also suggest the best provider and helps you prevent common mistakes of office relocation based on their own experiences.

The next one to check is the basic services of the new location such as electricity, water, telephone line, plumbing, air-conditioning or temperature control, etc. Make sure that these aspects work continuously and no frequent disruptions. They may not be part of the business operation, but these things are important for productivity.

The next step to plan ahead is the office technology, including the internet connection. It is important that it is checked before moving in because if the place is newly built and furnished, it takes time to install the connection. It is also important to check how the internet connection will work in the new place, especially if you’re thinking of having a wireless internet connection. You must also plan your network in the new office. It is important that the network is planned well in order for a more optimum working area. To insure this, it is always advised to acquire an iT service. Because your short term goal is to move but long range planning means staying in that location and setting up an efficient working environment.

Intelligent iT NYC provides iT service for small businesses in NY . For long range planning to accomplish short term goals, Intelligent iT can make any move work for your business.

Serviced Office: An Excellent Option For Small Businesses

If you own a small business and are currently looking for a new office, you may find it hard to get a new one, especially if your budget is limited. A limited budget can hold you back from acquiring things such as bigger space and complete service.

This is where the serviced office makes a great option for small businesses. Serviced office is an office that is ready to use. You don’t have the hassle of tremendous planning because a serviced office is already furnished and may even come complete with office equipment waiting for the occupant. As we all know, setting up an office takes quite a bit of work.

Another thing that makes a serviced office a great option is its complete package of services including electricity, telephone line, internet connection, water, etc. And you have to do is pay them a monthly bill that is included in the rent. This is a great convenience for small businesses. While they may be slightly more expensive, you save on the stress of setting up services and scheduling all the payments for the monthly bills.

If this is not enough for you and you want ‘side dishes’, you can ask the owner for additional services such as security, secretaries, and even catering. This is ideal if you’re organizing a meeting or an event in your office. You don’t have to worry and stress about the planning, but concentrate on running the event.

Another great thing about serviced office is that you are not tied to a long lease. Anytime you decide to move to a more spacious office for expansion, you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts. This is also great for businesses that have short-time projects and need to occupy a temporary office.

A great example of a serviced office space is wework NYC.

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Planning on Moving your Office?

Sometimes, as a small business you can’t avoid moving your offices, whether its for expansion (a good thing) or cost cutting. But no matter what the reason is, moving your office can be both exciting and a tedious job.

Moving an office should be handled properly, and this includes planning and choosing the right company to assist you.

On the day of moving, packing is an important job. There is a proper procedure when packing your business’ equipment; putting them in a box usually isn’t enough. Make sure to label each box for identification. Identifying the content of the box is essential so that you can make priorities, orders, and properly handle ‘fragile’ equipment. You should also label the boxes with numbers to know the orders and priorities of which ones to be delivered or unloaded first.

Making a list of the boxes will help you keep track of the boxes’ content. Employees should transport their personal stuff. You can also call the company or provider of your office equipment such as printers and fax as they more than likely will provide service for moving and re-installing the equipment as part of their sales package.

It is important that you hire a moving company that has experience in moving a workplace. You are entrusting them with mission critical equipment. One of the challenges of moving your furniture and equipment is to maintain their condition.

After the first considerations are done, the last thing to do is the iT networking system in your office. Now, don’t get us wrong, just because it is the last thing to work on doesn’t mean it is the least important. We just need to establish all furniture in their location first, and then the iT team can start installing your office network. We must assure that the wirings, cables and gadgets work with other furniture.

As much as it is important to hire a reliable mover, it is also important to acquire a reliable and experienced iT service. Local iT services such as Intelligent iT NYC not only provide network installation service, they also improve your network to enhance your office productivity.

Basic IT Planning Before Moving To Your New Office

Information Technology is an integral part of every business office. Because the Internet provides instant communication and information for small businesses, if you’re planning on moving your office, it is important to get iT sorted as your IT network is as important as electricity and water service.


While electricity is ubiquitous, you still have to determine if the power in your new location works properly. Faulty wiring, electricity and weak and unstable power can harm equipments so its not enough to just have electricity. In today’s business world, the dependence on computers and its supporting tools have increased and proper installations of cables and electrical outlets are necessary.
It is important that the new office has enough electrical outlets installed to minimize cable extensions. If you can’t avoid needing cables, make sure that they are properly installed. Loose cables can cause accidents.

Office Space

It is important to plan for a bigger office for relocation. Every small business has a plan for growth and expansion, and acquiring a wider office is an excellent start on planning for the future.

Systems and networks

Before your employees move into the new location, make sure that the networking system is ready to use. Setting up the network on working days will delay your business’ operation.

Setting up a network at the new location is like starting over again. In fact, if you moved to a larger office, you may want to enhance your network capability to accommodate a larger space and more computers and devices.

Don’t let this scare you off when making your decision. Luckily we are iT experts that can create a long-term plan to make your office’s transition seamless. When you are ready to move or if you want to consult about a potential move, Intelligent iT NYC can help you move and set-up your iT network in your new office.

Simple Facts on Office Relocation

An office is important in every small business. It can affect workers’ productivity as it can set the mood of your employees.

Moving an office can be exciting. A new environment can refresh workers and give a feeling of a fresh start. You also have an opportunity to design your new office to make it more comfortable and efficient for your employees.

While moving an office can be fun and exciting, it is also challenging. Moving has to be planned appropriately, months ahead of the schedule. Planning includes appropriate packing, movers, planners, and project managers. You have to assure that everything in the new location works and is ready to be used. I’m not just talking about electricity, phone lines and services, there are important things that are usually taken for granted such as water service, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning, and of course, the internet service.

It is important to create a project plan when moving. An iT consultant can help you establish long-range as well as short-range goals. A consultant knows the necessary tasks when moving offices.

Between costs, labor, and inconvenience, moving isn’t fun but you can turn these challenges into an opportunity to improve your office structure, design, and your IT system. You can enhance your IT structure to add more productivity by replacing and upgrading old equipment with new models to catch up with current business trends and needs.

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Simple Tips on Moving Your Office and iT System

Moving a small business office can be tough. Not only do you have to move lots of equipments, you also have to move and re-install your office’s iT network. Taking off and reassembling the network system requires work and expertise. In fact, moving an office could be harder than moving home.

Plan your iT structure ahead

It is advisable to plan your iT structure on your new office months before your moving schedule. It is advisable to start planning 3 months before you move. Some communication providers have long lead times because of the time spent evaluating all the options. You can also inquire about a new release of technology products and services available from your provider to match up and support the working environment in your new office. After all, a new office is a great way to reinvent your office to support more productivity.
While you’re thinking of ideas for a new office design, it is also the time to ponder your office’s equipment and technology. Maybe some of your equipment needs to be replaced/upgraded. You might want to consider new models as they are smaller and save space. Or you might want to inquire about replacing servers with virtual ones.

Internet and Phone Services

Internet and telephone service is one of the aspects that need to be given attention. It is important to assure that these services will be ready to use on the scheduled date of your move.

iT Management Service

Aside from making sure that the iT system will be available on the given date, it is also necessary that they work the same as they did in the former office. An improvement is even better and enhances productivity in the new office to accommodate the larger or different space.

As moving and installing an iT network in a new office is a complex task, it needs the expertise of an iT service company. Whether it is planning, relocating, or evaluating your current iT Local IT services such as Intelligent iT NYC can help you efficiently manage the entire process.

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