What is the Business Value of Managed IT Services?

It must have been a terrifying sight. Green, piercing eyes. Muscles that rippled beneath striped flesh. Teeth sharp as knives. When the tiger bore them, it must have taken all the fox’s energy to hide his fear. With no other choice, he steadied himself and spoke.

“Do you think you’re the only king of beasts?” he said. “Your courage doesn’t overshadow mine.”

The tiger smiled. Or maybe it was a snarl. Either way, the fox continued, his life depending now on his cunning mind.

“Let’s make a deal. Walk now behind me, and if everyone who comes along does not flee in fear, you can devour me.”

You can imagine the tiger must have licked his lips. After all, who would flee a fox?

So he agreed, and off they went down the highway. And to the tiger’s surprise, every traveler they encountered fled at first sight of the fox.

“See,” the fox remarked, “I went first, and they fled in terror at the sight of me.”

The tiger decided he had judged the fox wrong, tucked his tail and left. It never occurred to him that the fox had harnessed the benefit of his own ferocity to succeed in the wager.

The fox, for his part, knew the truth. Being cunning is its own strength.

You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with your IT department. The answer is simple. Smart businesses know where they are strong, and are cunning enough to know when to lean on the strength of others for maximum success.

Three Invaluable Benefits of Managed IT Services

Just as a fox can match the courage and cunning of a tiger, many SMBs are capable of managing their own IT.

But that doesn’t mean they all should.

In fact, there are a host of advantages in harnessing the power and expertise of managed IT services. Here are three quick ways managed IT Services can help your business thrive.

Focus on What You Do Best

Most SMBs are working on a limited budget that doesn’t allow for a focused internal IT department. By taking advantage of managed IT services, they get tiger-sized services in fox-sized portions, all custom-designed to meet their unique needs.

This means more time focused on the company’s mission and less time troubleshooting network problems.

Achieve Continuous Protection

Most businesses can find a way to fix technological issues after they happen. The problem is, this takes time and money and resources away from focusing on business growth. Maybe more than they can afford if delivery or communication to customers takes a hit. A good Managed Services Provider (MSP) heads off problems before they start.

Don’t think of that as minimizing downtime. It’s more like maximizing uptime – and minimizing risk.

It’s like our fable above, but with the tiger going down the IT road first, making sure the path is safe, while the cunning fox is behind him taking care of business with no interruptions.

Network security and proactive problem solving keep you working on strengthening your results with the confidence that your data, and thus reputation, are secure at all times.

Create A Competitive Advantage

One of the toughest operational challenges facing SMBs is managing the cost of their technology infrastructure. Many companies invest up to their fur in the latest technology, only to find it outdated a few years later.

Even growth can become a problem, if not handled correctly. Often, SMBs who manage their own IT end up requiring additional staff to meet their expanded needs, in addition to purchasing new equipment – all of it diverting time and resources away from the tasks that bring in revenue and serve customers.

With managed IT services, SMBs gain the dedicated resources and expertise to stay on the cutting edge of technology at a cost-effective, predictable price point. And with the added ability to scale up services and equipment seamlessly as needed, IT solutions grow and change with the company.

All of this coupled with the benefit of professional planning from the MSP throughout the process.

Foxes and Tigers and Services, Oh My!

Like a fox, an SMB’s greatest advantage is their ability to move fast and stay mobile in the marketplace. You rely on your cunning to get the job done.

And while there’s no question that cunning SMBs are capable of managing their own IT, there will always be a point where their brilliance is better spent serving up value to the company’s mission.

With managed IT services, companies free up resources and manpower while saving a bundle in their budget. Taking advantage of professional services gives SMBs the power to send the would-be tigers scurrying away with their tails tucked.

So maybe you’re curious about taking advantage of managed IT services. Give us a call and we’re happy to help– it’s what we do best!