The Single Most Important Thing About Office 365

There’s something fascinating about how the concept of trustworthiness is handled in fables.

For example, consider the boy who cried wolf. You know the story. An overly dramatic shepherd boy alarms his whole village by claiming wolves are attacking the flock just because he thinks their reactions are entertaining. He does this several times, and people learn to tune him out.

Eventually, wolves do attack . . . but no one believes him.

Or what about the scorpion and the turtle? (Or frog or fox—there are a ton of variations.) The scorpion wants to cross a river but cannot swim, so he asks the turtle to usher him across. He promises not to sting the turtle, explaining that it would be foolish to do so as both would then drown. Convinced, the turtle agrees.

Halfway across, the scorpion stings the turtle. As they begin to sink, the turtle wants to know why. The scorpion simply says, “It’s my nature.”

The Thing About Trust

Here’s what we find interesting. Both stories speak to the value of trustworthiness, but neither story ends well. Ultimately, both are about what happens when trust is broken.

Perhaps this is why a Forbes article from a few years ago called trust “the most valuable business commodity.”

Whether we’re talking about vendor agreements, in-house relationships, interactions with customers or the technology you rely on day-in, day-out, trust is critical. If you don’t put your trust in others, you won’t get anything done, but misplaced trust can be devastating.

Which is why trustworthy IT solutions are so valuable.

Office 365: The Proven Solution

The issue of trust is, perhaps, the most compelling selling point of Office 365. This is the gold standard of business productivity suites. Are there other options? Of course. Google’s G Suite, for example, has gained traction in the last few years.

And yet, Office 365 is twice as popular as G Suite. In fact, over 1.2 billion people rely on Office 365, making it the most used collaborative productivity suite available.

There are plenty of reasons for Office 365’s success, and plenty of reasons why Office 365 makes sense for your SMB. But we’re just going to focus on one of those reasons today. Trust.

The Value of Trust

When you’re knee-deep in work, the last thing you need is an unexpected hiccup. Think about the last time you were sorting out a complicated issue with a customer. Does that seem like a good time to discover missing files? An unsaved spreadsheet? A corrupt document?

No. Absolutely not.

In fact, that’s precisely when you want to know your technology is dependable and well-organized, all those digital ducks in a nice little row. That’s what you get with Office 365—the assurance that you’re using a tool you can count on.

Edging Out the Options

But what about the other options? After all, if Google’s G Suite has half as many users as Office 365, that’s still a lot of people. Isn’t that worth considering?

We’ll happily concede that some organizations use other solutions with no issues. Office 365 isn’t the only game in town. But it is our recommended solution, and here’s why.

First, Office 365 is a near-universal standard. While some businesses use other suites, even then files are frequently saved and shared in the file types Microsoft pioneered. Why not stick with the original?

Second, Microsoft continues to be an innovator in the productivity suite market. Office 365 comes with some powerful tools. You can share files, work remotely and collaborate with Office 365 as effortlessly as you can with any other suite—and you can do so with peace of mind.

Office 365 is the standard for good reason.

Make Your Move to Office 365

If you’re not already using Office 365, it’s a big deal to move to a new productivity suite.

We’re talking about everything from documents and spreadsheets to email hosting and in-app instant messaging. You’ll need to facilitate migration as well as employee training if you’re going to take full advantage of everything Office 365 has to offer.

Intelligent IT can help. We’ll get you set up and bring your people up to speed on the features you’ll find the most beneficial so you can focus on what really matters—growing your business. Just give us a call to get started today.