This is what it’s all about. We gauge our success by our clients’ success. The testimonials below will give you an idea of what it’s like to have a partnership with Intelligent iT.


Erica Doswell is a Regional Education Manager for Sephora. During the time she’s been working with Intelligent iT, she’s been impressed by the team’s availability and response times. When she calls with a problem, the support personnel at Intelligent iT consistently “turns it into an IT solution fast and in a happy way.”

Doswell does not consider herself to be a tech-savvy person. She’s particularly appreciative of the way Intelligent iT makes IT accessible to her. She feels that she’s able to communicate with them about IT issues and questions in ways that make sense to her. They’ve even been available during off hours.

Additionally, Intelligent iT has done a wonderful job of providing remote assistance. Given the size of Doswell’s territory, this is a huge benefit. If you want top-tier IT solutions with a smile, she recommends Intelligent iT.

Brightline Partners LLC

Laura Zahn is Director of Operations for Brightline Partners LLC, an ad tech company. In the past, Brightline has tried taking a DIY approach to their IT, as well as working with a different managed services provider. Both left a lot to be desired. Then they partnered with Intelligent iT.

“They immediately fit in and became part of the team,” Zahn said of Intelligent iT. What’s more, the Intelligent iT team temporarily set up shop at Brightline, going above and beyond to make themselves available and facilitate a smooth transfer.

Intelligent iT has proven to be reliable and trustworthy. Their commitment to customer service has certainly made an impression on Zahn and the Brightline team.

Control Solutions Group

Thoman Oommen, an engineering manager for Control Solutions Group in New York City, talks about the impact Intelligent iT’s managed IT services has had on his company.

The previous provider was “completely a disaster.” But the switch to Intelligent iT made a huge difference, simplifying and streamlining their IT infrastructure in a way that made more sense for their business needs. Intelligent iT also improved their security strategy.

In describing Intelligent iT’s customer service, Oommen explains, “When I make a call, and when I hear somebody on the other line, and hear the response back, that’s all [that] matters to me. And immediately, there’s a resolution for it and fixes it, and that helps us a lot. I would recommend Intelligent iT any time.”

Intelligent iT is an asset to any company’s network. They can handle data centers, disaster sites, server farms and more. I’ve worked with them on many projects that required software running in a multi-tier, scalable, and redundant manner. They were able to deliver quality work in all areas.

– Charles Easton, Consultant, TD Securities

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Intelligent iT since 2005. They’re smart and results-oriented. Their response times are prompt, and they take care of the issue at hand immediately. I trust Intelligent iT with all of my company’s hardware, software and networking issues.

– Liz Picarella, Owner, Picarella Insurance Brokers LLC

We needed ‘always-on’ assistance during an aggressive growth period that included merger, but integrating the technology of two companies is never easy. Intelligent iT acted as an extension of our team, fully embracing our culture, driving business objectives, and delivering value.

– Jason Krebs, Head of Sales, Maker Studios

I’ve been working with Intelligent iT for almost two years. They take great pride in the quality of their service and their clients’ satisfaction. The team has integrity and they’ve been a pleasure to work with.

– Adam Lichstein, COO & General Counsel, Tremor Video

Intelligent iT has done a great job supporting our network at Garrison Associates all these years. They’ll be an asset to any organization that could use their services. They add serious value.

– Suri Jonnalagadda, IT Recruiter, Garrison Associates