Upgrading to Windows 8?

Windows 8 sure does look cool… and you are probably thinking new year, new you, new operating system.

Well, before you jump into an upgrade, lets talk about the good and the bad of Windows 8.

Let’s start with the obvious… It is definitely a show pony. The new sleek look of Windows 8 is taking notes from newer apps available on the market. The design is purposefully tactile (which we will discuss more about in a bit) and colorful.

Used best on a touch interface, the everyday desktop struggles to accommodate some of its features. With its major overhaul, you will find yourself doing a bit of “relearning”… something that may not sit pretty with most since Windows has been a mainstay since the early 90s.

While you can use it as you always have (with folders and taskbar), you can also work with the funky new tile framework. While the tile interface feels fresh, it is a bit discombobulating when navigating. Often times, we found ourselves stuck and confused with no way to get back to where we wanted to be.

However, with that negative, the search is fairly powerful and the design charming enough to make you feel like you are always discovering something new.

The biggest and most lauded fact about Windows 8 (especially after the Vista debacle) is that it is relatively stable. Releasing quite a few updates, Microsoft seems to be committed to making this their core offering.

So… the big question, would we upgrade?
The answer is no… and here is why.

1. There is a learning curve
People may need to be retrained and in any business that task can be cumbersome.

2. Its geared toward consumers… so business customers won’t see many new perks and may not even be able to natively run their older apps on it.

3. You just probably recently upgraded to Windows 7… what’s the rush?
Windows 8 looks flashy but Windows 7 is secure and your company probably just invested in it as a company wide OS.

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