If you haven’t started using video as part of your promotional strategies, now is the time. A report by Oberlo, states that over 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool today.

As of 2020, there are 240+ million digital video viewers in the United States. And 54% of people desire videos about products and services they use and like. Those are pretty compelling numbers and should give you the confidence you need to wade into these waters.

And with that, you might be wondering how best to get started.

The first thing to get right is knowing your audience. And “our customers” isn’t the correct answer. If you’re not familiar with buyer personas, now’s a good time. Map out a profile of your ideal customer and make sure your video is geared specifically for them.

Secondly, use a professional if you can. You may not be able to hire a pro director with a full production team (but do it, if you can!), but even if you plan to shoot some rough footage at an event with your iPhone, at least find an experienced editor to put it all together for you.

Consider all lengths of footage. Don’t be stingy when it comes to what you shoot. Ultimately, you may want to produce some shorter pieces for TikTok or Instagram “Reels”, and also some longer versions to host on YouTube and Vimeo.

And make sure you know what type of video you are shooting. Some types to consider include product demo, client testimonial, event recap, and brand story.

Brainstorm all ideas, no matter how large or small. Set up a production schedule before you begin that includes all logistics, equipment, and planning. This applies to product demos and animations as well. Storyboard where necessary and script out dialogue or voice-overs.

Lastly, don’t be shy about promoting. This is no time for a “build it, and they will come” approach. Use email, social and your website to let your prospective customers know you have an amazing story to tell, then show it to them.