VoIP Services & Business Phone Systems New York City, NY

As a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) VoIP services business phone system provider, Intelligent iT takes care of all your communication services – hardware, software, maintenance and more! Our systems remove the need to buy expensive hardware and software, pay for installation or manage and operate the system in-house. With a secure cloud based Hosted PBX solution, you can work smarter, not harder. Allow users to stay connected when you are not in the office via its smartphone capabilities.

VoIP Services & Business Phone Systems NYC

Work From Anywhere

Our cloud tools and portals can all be accessed directly over the internet allowing you to operate your business on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Integration

A number of powerful mobility integration features allow your staff to take and receive calls while on the road or teleworking.

Cost-Effective Communications

Our VoIP services are delivered across our private IP network, eliminating the need for physical business phone systems at different locations.


Intelligent iT is fully committed to the reliability and security of our cloud systems. Every facet of our development is bench-marked against the maximum protection and reliability standards.

Some key benefits to using a VoIP phone system:

  • Anywhere, Anytime Mobile Access
  • Cell Phone Mobility
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Voicemail to Email Inbox
  • Conference Calling Options
  • Improved Customer Service

Business phone system capabilities are enhanced when using a Hosted PBX solution. A hosted PBX system also provides businesses with the ability to manage their phone systems via a user-friendly control panel. The combination of savings and flexibility makes it compelling for any sized business.

Business VoIP Services New York City

What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.

Tim O'Reilly
business phone systems NYC


Let Intelligent iT create a custom VoIP communications strategy for your business today.