New year, new you. And, new website. If you haven’t considered updating the design of your website for a few years, 2022 should be the year you make a change. You don’t necessarily have to overhaul the entire architecture of your content, but implementing some – if not all – of the tips and tricks below will help ensure your site has the look and feel of a modern web presence.

Flat/minimalist design.
It can sometimes be called “flat design.” Think lots of white space and solid backgrounds. Animation is generally non-existent and typography is clean and simple. Make sure to get consulting advice from a web professional.

Large/bold text.
Speaking of typography, now that monitor sizes are so large and more and more people connecting multiple screens to their laptops, using big text with bold fonts to make a statement works.

Color to evoke mood.
In sales, we need to make an emotional connection to help us acquire a new customer. The same goes for your website. “Color psychology” has been used in marketing for years. It’s time to bring it to the web.

Thumb-friendly mobile.
Does your website render correctly on a mobile device? If not, that’s step one. Then, make sure navigation and important buttons don’t require a thumb to stretch beyond its reach to get to them.

The internet is advancing in so many ways – and quickly. Don’t wake up one day soon with a worn-out, clunky website. Or worse yet, wait until your customers start complaining. Then it’s too late. Take an honest assessment of your online presence first thing in 2022 and give at least one of these ideas serious consideration.