What is 4G and its impact in small businesses?

4G just sounds great right? But what is it and why is it important? Last time, we mentioned 4G as the latest feature included in the iPhone 5. So what’s in 4G that Apple chooses it as a new feature in their newly release gadget and how can small businesses take advantage of it?

4G, or 4th Generation, is an improved wireless internet connection of its former versions such as the 3G and 2G for mobile devices. 4G commonly uses technologies such as the WiMax and the Long-Term Evolution or LTE. Because of these technologies, 4G promises to be faster and more reliable. It is reportedly 10 times faster than 3G.

Every small business today uses technology by integrating mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones into computers to increase productivity. This integration requires fast and reliable connection to be able to work continuously without interruptions and delays.

The 4G’s LTE is ideal for workers or business owners who like to have their job ‘to go’ or do it outside the office and away from the office computers. They can be able to send and receive data fast and instant without the need to depend on outside internet connections such as Wi-Fi.

4G is also best for small businesses in rural areas where internet connections are usually slower such as fixed-line broadband connections. Even if LTE connection tends to get slower in these areas, it still operates faster than local internet providers.

So if you are thinking about traveling or are just looking forward to lightening fast speed, 4G is an upgrade you should consider.



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