What to do when you’re a victim of an online crime

Holidays are fast approaching and this means holiday vacations. While we are celebrating our vacation and the occasion, we should not overlook the security of our company information in our computers. If we are not careful enough, hackers will be feasting on our information on our computers while we are feasting on holiday turkey.

If ever we become a victim of hackers, there are proper steps that we should take to resolve the issue, aside from reporting the problem to the website hosts and banks. But first, we will identify different types of online crime.

  • Malware through email – a malware sent through an email and downloaded by opening the email or clicking the link and redirecting you on a malicious website.
  • Unauthorized access on your email – hacking your email account.
  • Phishing – infecting your device with malware which redirects you on imitation websites and emails and obtaining your information through logging in.
  • Fake antivirus – this commits two offenses which are misleading the user through false representation and illegal modification of the user’s device.
  • Trolling – otherwise known as internet bullying. It can be done by threatening, harassing, and abusing which causes distress and anxiety to the victim.
  • Website attack by injecting SQL – injecting SQL to a vulnerable website which gives the attacker the control to your server.

The US has laws against these cyber crimes which are stated in Computer Misuse Act 1990, Communications Act 2003, and Fraud Act 2006. If you are a victim of one of these cyber crimes, you can report the incident here http://www.justice.gov/criminal/cybercrime/reporting.html.

Prevention is better than solution. To prevent incidents like these and to save you hassle and money, you can contact your IT service to make sure your data is safe on holidays. Intelligent IT NYC is a 24/7 IT service that can provide you protection around the clock. There’s nothing like having a peace of mind during the holidays and returning to work hassle-free.

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